Mutual Assistance Committee

Mission Statement
The mission of the Local 510 Mutual Assistance Committee will be to find ways to assist one another and our families by sharing common problems and working together to find simple, concrete solutions. We will hold forums and discussions, to identify these common problems and solutions. We will share this information about available resources through our website and various other avenues of communication.

Some of our immediate goals include organizing a grocery distribution, promoting health and finding ways to reduce individual isolation. We plan to do this by sharing food, ideas, exercise and time. We also plan to promote expanding our options by announcing classes and volunteer opportunities.

We will continue to connect with other unions to further share and create common solutions for common problems.

Projects of the Committee & How to Help
We have been looking for anything which can help the members of Local 510 either give or receive help until we reach better times.

Here are some resources which could be useful. Some of them are open to everyone, 510 or not, wherever you live, some things require you to be on the Local 510 health plan. There are some additional benefits for residents of San Francisco.

Please check below to see if any of these could apply to you. Come back from time to time, to see what is new. And please, let us know of anything else which is out there. Also let us know about any good ideas you have, whether a topic for a brown-bag lunch or any other kind of helpful event.