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  • Elections for Local 510 and District Council Delegates were held on June 1st, 2023
    These are the results (Winners in Bold):

     Local 510 President 
    Marcus Kryshka 118 votes
    Sandford Taylor 31 Votes

    Local 510 Vice President
    Camilo Price  146 Votes

    Local 510 Financial Secretary
    Rudi DiPrima 46 Votes
    Joel Rueber 99 Votes

    Local 510 Recording Secretary 
    Peter Lebares 141 Votes

    Nominees for Local 510 Treasurer (Election is on June 1st)
    Peter Forni 133 Votes
    Jason Hopkins 17 Votes

    Local 510 Warden 
    Guinevere Newman  133 Votes

    Local 510 Trustees (3)
    Chris Dichtel  59 Votes
    Michael Leslie 94 Votes
    Richard Northam 112 Votes
    Jean Wallace 97 Votes

    Delegates to District Council 36 (2)
    Marcus Kryshka 82 Votes
    Richard Northam 95 Votes
    Sandford Taylor 37 Votes
    Jean Wallace 51 Votes

    Elections for District Council Officers and Representatives will be held from 8am to 5pm on Saturday, June 24th, 2023
    55 Fillmore Street (IBEW Local 6 Hall), location of the regular Local 510 Monthly Meeting.

    Nominee for District Council 36 Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer (Election on June 24th)

    Louis Robles

    Nominees for Local 510 Business Representative (Election on June 24th)

    Annette Dosier

    William Taylor

    Morgan Worth

    What We Do
    Established in 1900, Local 510 has been fighting for working class families for more than 120 years. We stand up for our members in the legislative, political and social landscapes.
    Who We Are
    Our staff is made up of hard working men and women who know workers' rights. Our E-Board has many years of combined experience representing working families. 
    Who We Represent
    We represent Bay Area Trade Show and Convention Installers and Exhibit Builders, as well as Outdoor Commercial Sign Painters and Pictorial workers.

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