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Those Who Came Before Us

I remember the first day I came to work at Brooks Hall, bright-eyed, full of confidence. I found a group of teachers, there amongst the smokers and basic units, and table skirts. I remember Peter Maccan who taught me how to conserve energy while stooping over in repetitive tasks, singing arias all the while. I remember Harry Brock who spoke Esperanto and could converse on any subject under the sun. I remember Steve Jessen who could solve mechanical problems with ease and looked like a Viking in a Hawaiian shirt with a cigar stuck in the corner of his mouth. In the list that follows we remember those that went before us: partners, comrades, family, and friends. In their work, in their lives they created a legacy for us to follow. - Joe Toback


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Adams, Louie
Ailsworth, Henry
Alvey, James (Jim)
Alvey, Keif
Amos, Jesse
Anderson, Bruce
Angeles, George
Arnold, Bob
Attaway, Brad
Aviles, George

Baker, David
Barker, Chris
Barnes, John
Barnett, Andrew
Barone, Bob
Barral, Pierre
Bendana, Fred
Benitez, David
Beyer, David
Boddie, Ron
Boedikker, Dick
Bohbot, Gabe
Bohne, Walter
Borgstedt, Paul
Bradanini, James
Brewster, Arnold
Brock, Harry
Brown, Joe
Brown, Mike
Buonasera, Robert ("Bob") (Obituary)

Cabello, Charlie
Campbell, Matt
Canepa, Steve
Cannon, Jeremiah
Carlson, Dana
Carrol, William "Tam"
Carter, John
Carter, Tommy
Cassell, Chris
Cassell, Doug
Cerda, Frank
Cerda, Phil
Chinn, Wesley
Chow, Edmund
Chu, Jasper
Clark, William (Bill)
Cohen, Pat
Cogliandro, John
Cole, Kathryn
Collins, Kevin
Cook, Bruce
Cook, Richard
Corkill, Burt
Csiklai, Stephen
Cunhs, Leo
Curry, Roy 

Daly, Frank
Dea, Ben
Dixon, Reed
Drake, Jake
Draper, Noel
Durinick, Mike

Edwards, Bruce
Erickson, George

Fairchild, Maynard
Falls, Ryan
Favale, Nick
Fitzpatrick, John
Flores, Anthony
Fogarty, Bill
Fogarty, John
Forslind, Fred
Fortinberry, Bill
Freeman, Louis

Gale, Herb
Garnier, Judith
Gates, James
Gavriloff, Rick
Georgopolous, Debbie
Giese, Ray
Gilfether, Frank
Gold, Robert
Gorman, Patrick
Grace, John
Graham, Robert
Granger, Austin
Granucci, Tino
Griffin, Jerry
Griffith, John
Grossman, Barney 
Grossman, Ed
Guggenheim, Karen
Guinasso, Evan

Hale, Alex
Hale, Rob
Hamanne, Helen
Hanson, James
Hardeman, Michael
Hegner, William
Heller, Kenneth
Henn, Dennis
Heskett ,Ivor
Hird, Ken
Holzbach, Windy
Hope, Bruce
Hunley, Joe
Hunt, John
Hunt, Kenneth

Ishii, Bob

Jarboe, William (Bill)
Jensen, Jerry
Jerome, Maurice
Jessen, Steve
Joerres, Wilhelm
Jordan, Jim
Jorgensen, Jim
Jove, Steve
Jowett, Bill

Kant, Harlan
Kane, Alice
Keane, Cornelius
Kelleher, Paul
Kennerly, Gordon
King, Mike
Knuist, Louis
Knuist, Willem
Koshlap, Kathy
Krasnor, David
Krieger, Don
Krietner, Mike
Kubicki, John

Lamp, Murray
Landman, Lois ("Lela")
Lawry, David
Leard, Lonnie
Lee, Jerry
Lepp, David
Lessin, Bob (Local 831)
Lickers, Ron
Lopez, James (Jimmy)
Lopez, Ted
Lundling, Noah
Lyons, Jerry

Maccan, Peter
Magney, Chris
Marks, Ken
Martell, Robert Leroy
Martin, Clark
Martin, Mark
Martinez, Gabe
Martinez, Reinaldo
Matlock, Peter
McCarthy, Jennifer
McNicholas, Pat
Meidinger, Roger
Michaels, Bill
Milano, John
Miller, Denise
Miller, Roger
Minero, George 
Minero, Manny
Minero, Rick
Mitchell, Irving
Mitchell, Sven
Mitchell, Thomas ("Mitch")
Morocco, Ralph
Moseley, Robert ("Jack")
Moss, Mel
Mowry, Vern
Murch, Anna
Murphy, Mark
Myers, Jahn

Naranjo, Danny
Neiman, Albert
Nelson, Bill
Nelson, Fred
Nephew, Lee
Netteland, Steve
Nichols, Ted 
Noriega, Arturo
Nuccio, Alice

O'Connor, Pat
O'Dowd, Kevin
O'Neill, Ray (Painter)
Orem, James

Paiva, John
Parker, Monte
Parrulli, Bob
Pastorino, John (Upholsterer)
Patino, Alex
Paulo, Art
Payne, Marty
Pease, Lawrence
Peasley, Jim
Pellot, Brian
Phillips, Guy
Pointer, Eugene
Pointer, Jeremy
Polte, Ron
Potter, George
Price, Anquinnette
Price, Styles
Prince, Jamie
Puohau, Frank

Quinn, Dennis

Rachoff, Mike
Ramsay, George
Rarick, Alfie 
Raymond, Michael
Reyes, Nick
Richmond, Charley
Richmond, Roy
Rodrigues, Al
Rosan, Nikola
Rowbotham, Sharin Joy
Rudges, Bob
Rudges, Rich
Russell, Rudy

Sabourin, Eddie
Sagastume, Danny
Sayre, T. Scott
Schauer, Don
Schauer, John
Schueszler, Cheri
Shashurin, Anatoly
Shaw, Don
Shay, Michael
Shrager, Mark
Sloss, Roger
Silmi, Abed
Simac, Bob
Silver, Irvin
Sirhan, Jamal
Smith, George
Spikes, Paul David (Obituary)
Stetler, Catherine
Stephanets, Bob
Stout, Glenn
Street, John  ( JD )
Stuart, Zack
Sullivan, Mike
Szelgia, Alex

Taylor, Bill
Taylor, Craig
Tedrow, Charles
Tinelle, Carl
Toback, Danny
Toback, Oscar
Tobie, Edwin
Tonnegato, Nello
Tornai, John
Tsongas, George
Tsongas, Mike

Urbanski, Jack
Uribe, Emiliano

Velarde, Frank
Virgil, Rich
Vogler, George

Waddingham, David
Wahlstrom, Fred
Washington, Brian
Watson, Altie
Wehrer, Tom
Weider, Jack
Weinberg, Dana
Weinecke, Gary
Weiss, Keith
Welch, Doug
Wetter, Fred
White, Robert
Wiley, James
Winsko, Bruce
Wong, Walter
Wright, Dave
Wright, Patrick

Zemmelman, Rob

Perhaps not to be is to be without your being
Perhaps not to be is to be without your being, without your going, that cuts noon light like a blue flower, without your passing later through fog and stones, without the torch you lift in your hand that others may not see as golden, that perhaps no one believed blossomed the glowing origin of the rose, without, in the end, your being, your coming suddenly, inspiringly, to know my life, blaze of the rose-tree, wheat of the breeze: and it follows that I am, because you are: it follows from 'you are', that I am, and we: and, because of love, you will, I will, We will, come to be.  - Pablo Neruda

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